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Our History

As an avid boater and offshore fisherman,  I was constantly frustrated by the electronics installation industry in my area for two  major reasons, The first was the lack of understanding how to run a company in general...multiple calls with no callbacks, hand scribbled vague quotes, no real scheduling of projects,  installation  time frames not given or given and missed. And then the second reason, the work itself: half crimped connections, no concept of galvanic corrosion, fuses not installed, wrong gauge wire, etc..
After several bad experiences, I started  to complete the work myself with my own crew,  and then that led to completing work on other boats and then before I knew it, what started out as a hobby  became a business.  With a background in both electrical and computer engineering, 20 years in boating repair and 25 years as the owner of a  commercial furniture fabrication and installation business, I understand how to fulfill our client's the expectations. And my crew is NMEA certified  with ancillary  backgrounds in  mill working, carpentry, boat works and metal works. We take pride in our work and treat every boat like it was our own.   We are not, nor want to a  be volume provider as of this time. Our goals are to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and be the best marine electronics installation team in LI.  If this is something you are interested in pursuing, you are on the right webpage.

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