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Long Island Marine Electronics is one step ahead of boat electronics outfits in more ways than one. There are plenty of reasons why our Boat Repair Shop has become so well known in the Long Island area.

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You can rest assured our work is being done by the book, literally.  Our technicians as well as our company are certified by NMEA.  Also on staff are certified welders and carpenters.  We are not just certified, we adhered to all guidelines for over current protection, grounding, antenna spacing, panel capacity  and wire sizing  as per the NMEA 0400 Installation standard.

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How many times have you desired an aspect of your marine electronics to be installed or repaired but was told by the installer, sorry, we cant make that aluminum panel or we don't do fiberglass. You wont hear that from us. Aside from engines and plumbing, we pretty much can do it all.. We can handle not only the marine electronics aspects of you boat also the fiber glassing for panel modifications, thru-hulls and battery enclosure, the welding required for radar arches and hard tops, and the carpentry and cnc for dash panels and switch panels mounts.



Unlike many mobile only outfits that basically are dependent on the weather and the season, we are 12 months a year with room for several boats within the building itself.  With a full blown, 10k sqft heated  shop , we can provide not only mobile marine repair and installation but also custom fabrications and intensive redesigns of  your boat's layout.  A simple thing like heat goes along way with resin and wires,  and warm installers makes for a smoother cleaner install. Additionally time and labor is maximized as all items and tools are all available, no matter what may arise.



We are  one of the very few shops that will not only install the electronics in the dash panels, console or hardtop, we will physically design, build and/or rebuild it for you.. We got into this sort of work based on our own personal needs and desires for our own boats. Too often the dash panels were swiss cheese, the consoles not optimum for the desired marine  electronic equipment and or hardtop just did not exist or was too weak.. The mass produced options were just too generic to work..  and so here we are..   By fabricating center consoles, marine dash panels, boxes, railings, overhead tubing and arches we can pretty much guarantee you will get what you want, how you want it.  With the  tools and skills of a marine electronics installation, welding, boat building, carpentry, composite fabrication and  metal fabrication, basically if you can pay for it, we can make it.

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How many times have you waited to get a simple quote or rough estimate from a provider in the marine industry. How many times has it been a phone call  or an email with  number an no specifics as to what is being provided........

We don't like that either and we  strive to promptly provide communication, quotations, samples, and proofs to our customers.

Generally once contacted , 

  1. We will email said customer to garnish basic details of boat and customer,  desired scope of work and products desired.

  2.  Then we prepare and email a  rough estimate of what the work will cost to give client idea of the price range.

  3. If estimate is within  ballpark  of clients budget, we will then complete an onsite analysis and  photo session from which a formal, detailed quote will be generated with labor estimate and complete list of items being supplied.

  4.  If approved, we will proceed to take deposit, and revisit the boat for walkthough with user to verify what is working and what is not, to take detailed pre work pictures,  to garner precise measurement.

  5. Then if needed we will generate  Cad proofs and drawings .

  6. Once all drawings are approved, the required items will be sourced and the onboard work begins. 

  7. During process we confer with client to any unforeseen issues  or option that may arise.

  8. Finally we like to do walkthrough with client and to make sure everything meets their approval and they have all documentation and warranty info. Teh boat will also be photo'd and videoed so record of work completed is created. 

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LIME's  thoroughly trained staff is the best in the business.
Our staff consists of reliable and competent workers whose extensive technical expertise, years of experience and attention to detail have enhanced our reputation  Our employees demonstrates a level of professionalism and dedication that is unmatched.  Large or small, just tell us when it needs to be completed and we'll take it from there.

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